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January 30, 2016 – 11:25 am
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Using a Car Tire Repair KitYou have numerous options when you are looking to purchase a car tire repair kit, from tire plug kits to tire patch kits. You should have an assortment of both types. The plugs are a temporary fix that will get you from point A to point B safely, but they should not be driven on permanently. For that you should patch the tire. Service stations fix punctured tires by patching them, but you can do it yourself if you have the right tools. Don't skimp when you purchase a tire repair kit. Make sure you get one that has solid chrome tools, quality tire plugs and patches, and a high quality 12V compressor for roadside fill ups.

Professional Tire Repair Kits
There are some kits, like the Black Jack tire repair kit and the Permacure Master Tech kit are used by professional mechanics. The difference between these kits and the others is that they can be used for heavy duty, high volume work. The quality of the tools included, as well as the way the tires are repaired, is far superior. Naturally this means the price is much higher, but that is to be expected.

These kits can repair far more than a simple hole left in a tire by a nail. They are able to effectively repair punctures to shoulders and crown of the tire and, in some cases, even the sidewall areas. Black Jack, for example, molds into the shape of the puncture, unlike the "one shape fits all" scenario of other kits. There is no comparison between this and a simple patch stuck on the inside of a tubeless tire with a bit of glue.

Consumer Grade Kits
As opposed to tire plug kits which plug punctures in flat tires temporarily to give you time to make it to the service station, tire repair kits are designed to patch the flat tire so it is safe to drive on. A comprehensive tire repair kit will include several tire strings-the plugs used for temporary repair-and a patch kit for a permanent seal. The variation in price has to do with the number of patches it contains and the quality of the tools. Tire repair kits range in price from around $13 to $90 or more. You don't necessarily need to spend the most to get a good product, though. This list will detail some of your options for tire repair kits so you will be able to decide which brand and size is the best for your needs.

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