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BlackJack 21 FREE – a solitaire casino card game
December 19, 2016 – 09:22 am
Blackjack Verite Games

BlackJack 21 FREE – a solitaire casino card gameIs a solitaire casino card game to get 21. Bout with the dealer and win big. Watch more casino gaming excitement in this video review!

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

Content Rating: Medium Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Fun and addictive solitaire game of Blackjack!
  • Generous winnings with plenty of bonuses!


  • Recommendation: not necessary but would be nice to battle real players in tournaments or expand a multiple player game in additional to solitaire play.


In BlackJack 21 FREE, you play solitaire against the dealer. Select your bet amount to bid, double bet or double down if feeling lucky with some hands dealt. This game allows side bets… if you get Blackjack you can earn 15-to-1 for a winning hand.

If your virtual cash gets low you can purchase more with real money. But there are plenty of bonuses and other incentives as you play, earn experience and begin to surpass certain levels. For example, you can earn your seat at the tournament tables with virtual players for extra coins or join an MVP club rewards for more coin perks. Bonuses include those for leveling up, Happy Hours perks, bonuses for installing other games (many we’ve reviewed), plus periodic bonuses every four hours- collect enough and get a mega-bonus!

Interesting facts

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