How to Beat Casino Blackjack?

Just How Rigged Is The Casino: An Average Week On The Las Vegas Strip
May 30, 2016 – 03:02 am
Jugar a la ruleta dela suerte
For the tables fans, bingo is the game-o as here the house only takes in 8.8% of the wagers there, followed by blackjack (11.1%). Most punishing by far is 3-card poker, where gamblers lose an average of 32.5% of their money.

And keeping the rigged stock market analogy, there is liquidity and then there is churn. The chart below shows in which games casinos would prefer you gamble: sorted by revenues for the house, the most lucrative by far is Baccarat (thank you habitual Chinese gamblers), where the casino revenue is the biggest amounting to nearly $30 million on average per week. Blackjack fans who can never catch a break may be surprised to learn that their favorite game is in fourth position generating "only" $15.5 million of the revenue, below such honeypots as penny slots, which bring in on average a whopping $20 million weekly.

However, one thing the charts above certainly do not capture is the fun factor: because at the end of the day if given the choice of losing one's money in a rigged Las Vegas, or in the just as rigged stock market, it should be absolutely no contest.

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are there any websites that tell you how to beat the computerized blackjack machines at the casinos? | Yahoo Answers

Sure. There are also many books on the subject. You can't beat the machine by any method no matter what they tell you. I own an electronic slot machine and play it often in my home. I have the keys and can change the odds on the machine so it pays more often or less. There is no way to beat a casino machine so save your money. The only way to know about pay out is to have a friend who works the machines as a change girl. They know which machines pay better than others.

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