Multiple deck Blackjack strategy

Multi-Deck Blackjack: Dealer Stands Soft 17
July 19, 2017 – 04:13 am
Multiple deck blackjack

Basic Blackjack StrategyMulti-deck blackjack is played with 4+ decks and this Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart below is where the dealer stands on a soft 17.

The rules and conditions of multi-deck blackjack may vary from one casino to another. Make sure that you are familiar with both the rules and basic blackjack strategy to prepare yourself to play, whether as a top card counter or as an amateur who enjoys an occasional casino outing.

Depending on the individual casino policy, a dealer may or may not hit on soft 17. Soft 17 is a blackjack that consists of an Ace used as 11 plus a Six. Any other hand that adds up to 17 points (Seven plus a Ten or a face card, for example) is referred to as hard 17.

The blackjack table layout will tell you whether the dealer hits on soft 17. It will be written right there: “Dealer Hits Soft 17.” Otherwise it will say: “Dealer Must Stand on all 17.” The house edge is somewhat higher when the soft 17 rule is used.

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Blackjack Player's Choices

When you have the initial cards dealt in front of you, it is time to choose a strategy: hit, stand, pair splitting, doubling down, even money or surrendering.

Hit: To let the dealer know that you would like to be dealt another card, use your finger to either beckon towards the dealer or to tap the table in back of your cards. Receiving another card means that your hand may go over 21. In this case, you need to give up your cards and you will lose your wager.

Stand: If you are satisfied with your hand as is, you may show the dealer that you do not want to draw any more cards. Either wave your hand over your card pile or turn the pile sideways to a horizontal direction.

Pair Splitting: When your initial cards form a pair, you may opt to split the cards into 2 completely separate hands. Place an additional wager equal to your first one, and you are ready to build up your 2 new hands. When playing by the classic rules of blackjack, a pair consists of 2 cards of the same denomination (for example, 2 Fours) and the pair may only be split one time per round.

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Popular Q&A
What has better of winning, deck single blackjack or multiple decks?

Single deck blackjack has much better odds of winning vs. multiple decks. Most casinos use 7-9 decks or automatic shufflers to reduce the odds in their favor. !

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