How to win at Blackjack in a casino?

How to win at blackjack at a casino
December 27, 2015 – 03:40 pm
So I wrote a C++ program that calculated the odds of winning a hand at blackjack vs the dealer based on your hand total and the dealers face up card value. It then gives you a recommendation on whether or not to hit based on your odds of winning if you stay vs your odds of busting if you hit. This program assumes that you aren't losing money on a push.
Your hand total on top; dealers face up card on left.
The simulations size was 10, 000, 000 games per player hand value.
For any one returning to this page. I'm giving you access to the program I used to test how well this strategy works. It's got a bunch of easy to use options in a non-programmer read-able config file.
It's in a 7zip file since you can't upload .exe to google drive and the password for the zip file is password.
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An amazing strategy to win is not to lose ! Since the chances of losing is far far greater then winning, you "don't lose" by just avoiding playing them- so you always win. But then, in theory (don't try it !), double your stakes every time you lose - i.e. if you lose RM1,000 in a game, double your stakes to RM2,000 for the next game to try to win back your money. If you lose again then stake RM4,000 for the next game... The intention is always to try to win back your need unlimited amount of money for this to work...with 99.99chances that you will lose it all... It is this "…

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