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6 Offbeat Casino Gambling Strategies
May 20, 2020 – 04:37 am
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Lit Up Casino SignYou’ll find more casino gambling strategies on the Internet than you’ll ever be able to read. Here’s what you need to understand about almost all of them:

They can’t overcome the house edge in the long run.

What does that mean?

It means that if you play long enough, the mathematical edge that the casino games hold over you will eventually eat up your bankroll—IF you play long enough.

That doesn’t mean casino gambling strategies can’t help you enjoy your casino gambling trip more.

Here are six offbeat strategies that will add a little spice to your next casino outing.

1. The Maximum Boldness Strategy

You can take multiple approaches to managing your bankroll, but one of those is the minimum boldness strategy. Another is the maximum boldness strategy.

The minimum boldness strategy means that you’re making the smallest possible bet you can with your bankroll. If you’re playing a game where you have an edge, you minimize your chances of going broke because of a short term streak of bad luck.

But if you’re playing a game where you don’t have an edge, you maximize the chance that eventually your opponent (usually the casino) will eventually win all your money.

The maximum boldness strategy, on the other hand, means you’re going to bet your entire bankroll once. If it’s an even-money bet, you’ll either double up or go broke.

Here’s how it would work in actual practice:

You’re going to Vegas, and you have $200 to gamble with. You don’t like baccarat or blackjack, and you want to try to double your money. You decide on roulette, since it’s easily understood and practically effortless. You put all your money on red.

You don’t have a 50% chance of doubling up; your odds of winning that bet are only about 47%. That’s still pretty close, though.

But if you tried to play $20 per bet ten times in a row, you’d be a lot less likely to double your initial bankroll–every bet you make brings you that much closer to the long run. The closer you get to the long run, the more likely your actual results are going to resemble your mathematical expectation.

Most people don’t think the maximum boldness strategy is exciting.

But here’s one fun way to put it to use:

Suppose you’re just playing slots, and you’ve been lucky—you’re up $1000 for the trip.

Take those winnings on the last day of your trip. Put them on red or black at the roulette wheel. You have a reasonably good (47%) chance of going home with $2000 instead of $1000.

On the other hand, you have an even better chance of going home broke.

Either way, you’ll have a story to share. And that last big bet of the trip will be a rush, I promise.

2. The Parlay $10 into $1 Million Strategy

I read about this strategy on Michael Bluejay’s site. The odds of winning $1 million the traditional way, via a progressive jackpot or a lottery, are at least 1 in 8 million—maybe worse, depending on the game you’re playing.

Bluejay points out that if you parlay your winnings at an even-money bet 17 times in a row, your odds of winning a million dollars are a lot better. As it turns out, their better by several orders of magnitude.

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