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21 ways to save money and still have a blast with the kids this summer
December 16, 2016 – 09:13 am

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Summer camps and summer vacations and summer sports and summer excursions can cost a LOT of money. (Ugh! Boo! Hiss!) Thankfully, though, there are so many low-cost ways to keep the kids happy and entertained while school is out — and the TODAY Parenting Team has got them figured out.


Please feel free to join in this ongoing conversation by becoming a member of our team, and stay connected to TODAY Parents updates on our Facebook page. If you've got other money-saving ideas for the summer months, we'd really love to hear them! Here's what's come in so far:

"Get a tent. Visit local state parks if time is short, or gas too expensive. Get the family away from the hubbub of normal life, technology, video games, whatever — grab a pack of marshmallows, build a fire, and spin a yarn around its warmth. Let the kids collect bugs, catch butterflies, fish, swim, and climb trees. Grab a few relatives who also have kids who can keep yours company while the adults play crazy card games. Memories acquired = priceless."

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Illustration: The simple value in family vacation"Finances may be lacking, or vacation time minimal. I understand. But for the sake of family bonding, please consider your options."

"Read. Daily. Not to me, read to yourself. If you need help with a word I will help you, but this is your time to discover and find a love of reading. This will not take place of story time at night. I swear, so don't worry. I will always read to you, and give you a chance to read to me. But this reading time is different. Grab a book and dive into a different world. Want to be a dragon slayer for a day? Great, I'll take you to the library and we will find a dragon slayer book just for you."

Remember the magic of being at camp and searching for star constellations? Re-create those memories with you kids by grabbing a picnic blanket, lying down on the grass and looking to the stars on a clear night."

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Stars in the sky on a dark nightIt doesn't cost anything to look up.

"Libraries with summer reading programs are always a huge hit, and movie theaters across the country offer free or nominally priced showings of recently released movies."

6. Create a neighborhood scavenger hunt with things to find (someone riding a bicycle, a black cat, a garden gnome, an American flag, etc.) and then take a long walk to find them. Make it a competition if you want to.

7. Play in a creek. Catch crayfish.

8. Round up all the kids in the neighborhood and meet at school for a soccer game.

9. Go bowling. Look for opportunities for kids to bowl for free.

10. Plant tomatoes. Make fresh salsa together when the tomatoes are ripe.

11. Play corn hole in the backyard.

12. Research fireflies. What makes them glow? Grab a mason jar and catch fireflies at dusk.

13. Visit a farm. Feed the chickens. Ride a horse. Talk to the farmer.

14. Play with puppies at the pet store or at an animal shelter.

15. Water fight! Fill balloons and water guns!

Boys swimming in a pool Jellyfish craft project for kids.
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