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How to Play Blackjack (or Twenty-One)
March 24, 2016 – 11:56 am
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Blackjack is probably the most widely played game in the world. The basics are simple and rules are few. If you can count to 21, you’ve mastered the hard part. But finesse is a big part of this game, because whatever you do, it effects the rest of the table, so it is wise to learn the ins and out, and the etiquette of the game, before sitting down.

Where: In the table games area of the casino.

Goal: To beat the hand that the dealer has. Ideally, you want a hand that equals 21 because this is the best hand. The closer you get to 21, the better your chance at beating the dealer. If you go over 21, you lose. They call that a bust.
How to count: Aces can be worth either 1 or 11, at the player’s discretion. Kings, queens and jacks all have a value of 10. All other cards are counted at their face value.

Play: As with all card games, you must place your bet to begin. Minimums vary and are shown on the card at the side of the dealer’s chips. The dealer then doles out two cards to each bettor, including himself. After this the dealer will go around the table offering additional cards, one at a time, to increase the value of each hand. You can stay with what you have or request a card. This is called a hit. Once everyone at the table has bet, the dealer shows his cards. The dealer must draw cards if his equal less than 16 until he reaches 17 or more. He must stand if he has a hand that equals 17 through 21.

Win: Each player is betting against the house only, so multiple players can win. If your hand meets or beats the dealer’s, you win. If your hand is less than the dealer or you bust by going over 21, you lose.

Those are the basics. Getting down the finesse of the game is the hard part because taking too many cards or taking cards at the wrong time with the wrong hand can hurt other players. There are also additional choices that can be made once you learn the game, such as splitting pairs, doubling down and insurance betting.

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