How to play Blackjack Online?

How to Play Blackjack Online
June 15, 2024 – 11:33 pm
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Image titled Register3.pngLearn the rules: Playing online blackjack is similar to regular blackjack, with all the same rules. That is, the goal of the game is to reach 21, or at least come as close as possible (without going over), and beat the dealer’s hand.


  • Find an online casino: Finding an online casino is as easy as a simple Google search. That being said, it is always preferable to make sure the casino you choose is reputable.
  • Check the software that’s being used – is it made by a known gaming company?
  • ?Image titled Blackjack_menu.png How does it secure your payments and privacy, and what types of transactions does it accept?
  • If you like bonuses, you might also want to check what type of Welcome Bonus the online casino offers, as well as regular promotional deals.
  • And since you’re looking to play blackjack, checking the casino’s game offering is critical.

Create an account. Once you’ve selected an online casino you’d like to join, register. You will be required to provide personal details including full name, email address, and date of birth (to prevent underage gambling). A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Simply click on the link, log in with the username and password you chose during registration, and you’re ready to play!

Image titled Buttons.png Choose your game: Each online casino lists its games by category. Blackjack will be found either under ‘Blackjack’, ‘Card Games’, ‘Table Games’, or something similar. Some online casinos offer a couple of different types of blackjack games. Give them all a try to find the one you like best.

Learn the controls: Since you can’t physically act out the moves you want to make, your game play will be controlled by use of graphical interface buttons.Image titled Online_Tools.png Common command buttons include ‘Dealer’, ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’, ‘Double’, ‘Split’, ‘Rebet’, and ‘Insurance’.

Consult online blackjack tools: Using an online blackjack chart or an online blackjack calculator (for counting cards and calculating odds) are excellent tools for helping you gain a statistical advantage, and improve your game results.

Choose your mode of play: Fun mode (also known as practice mode), in which you wager with play money, is a great way to get started, while you’re still familiarizing yourself with the game. Once you feel more confident, it’s recommended you move on to real money wagers, in real money mode, for more thrilling play and the chance to win cash prizes.

Place your bet: Most online casinos will have chip graphics that you click, in order to place a bet. Additional clicks on the chip, or a plus sign, will add that amount again to your bet.

Interesting facts

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To accumulate the most points at or beyond 41; points are accrued by winning at least the number...

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