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4 Easy Ways to Play 21 Questions (with Pictures)
July 5, 2017 – 03:22 am
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Image titled Play 21 Questions Step 1Understand the concept. The idea behind 21 Questions is to ask each member of the group a series of 21 questions in an attempt to get to know that person a little better.
  • Once a question is asked, the “target” or person currently answering questions should be allowed to answer that question before another question gets asked.
  • The game is usually played as an icebreaker or as a way to pass time during periods of boredom. As a game, the questions and answers are usually kept fairly lighthearted.
  • The game is easiest to play with two people, but you can also play the game in small groups.


Pick the first target.Image titled Play 21 Questions Step 2 The “target” is the individual who must answer questions during the current round of the game.
  • Every player should take turns being the target so that the game remains fair.
  • Someone can volunteer to be the first target, but if there is some disagreement about it, you can decide who goes first by flipping a coin, playing rock-paper-scissors, or rolling a die.
  • Flipping a coin works best when there are only two players. Each player calls “heads” or “tails” as a coin is tossed into the air. Whichever side faces up once the coin lands is the winning side, and the person who chose it becomes the target for the first round.
  • Playing rock-paper-scissors is easiest with two people but can be used when more are playing.Image titled Play 21 Questions Step 4 The players chant “rock, paper, scissors, go, ” and each makes a shape with his or her hand that corresponds to one of the objects mentioned in the chant. “Rock” is formed with a fist, “paper” is formed with a flat hand, and “scissors” is formed by extending the two forefingers of the hand while folding the thumb and other two fingers. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. Whoever makes the winning symbol becomes the first target for your game.
  • Rolling a die (the singular form of “dice”) is your best option when playing with a group. Each person takes a turn rolling the die. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first.
Take turns as the target. Every player should take a turn as the target.Image titled Play 21 Questions Step 5 Once the first target has answered 21 questions, you should move on to the second target. If playing in a group, continue progressing through the group until everyone has answered 21 questions.
  • If playing with two people, then the second person simply becomes the target after the first finishes.
  • If playing with a group, you should move around the group in a circle until everyone has gone. Alternatively, you can choose who becomes the target by performing another coin toss or by rolling the die again.
Determine who gets to ask the questions. When playing with two people, each player takes a turn asking the questions. When playing with a group, you need to decide who will be responsible for asking the questions during each turn.
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