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Why I Deleted MyVegas Blackjack
November 17, 2016 – 05:14 am
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MyVegas Blackjack GameI play blackjack every now and again in the casino but unlike some of my friends I enjoy other games like 3 Card Poker or Mississippi Stud. When I do play blackjack in a casino I always want to play using correct basic strategy. Over time wins and losses will even out so I don’t really worry about other players. I just want to make sure I make the right moves – for me and for the table.

MyVegas Blackjack was introduced in the beginning of October (see details on Vegas Chatter). I downloaded the MyVegas Blackjack game to see what it was like. While MyVegas Blackjack is a game for fun it wasn’t as simple as a traditional blackjack game.

There’s a “Bold Play Meter” (aka “Wrong Play Meter”) which makes the game fun but rewards the player for making the wrong plays. This feature made me pause. I enjoyed playing MyVegas Blackjack more than I expected. However,

I had to delete MyVegas Blackjack from all of my devices.

MyVegas Blackjack was creating some bad habits in my blackjack game because of the ability to earn more points for bad moves. I enjoyed this feature a bit too much and had to stop. I have some friends coming to town that will play blackjack, almost exclusively, for a 4 straight days. I need my blackjack skills sharp for when we play.

I don’t want to be the jerk at the table splitting 10’s. Not only is that a bad play in real life but it’s annoying to anyone with a clue playing blackjack. My brain is not wired to separate fun strategy from real strategy. I need to retrain my brain for the real game.

I’ve switched my blackjack play at home to the OddCase blackjack training app (see details on Get Vegas Apps). The game not only corrects poor play but it helps keep count of cards. I don’t count because I’d rather drink and socialize but it’s fun to practice.

MyVegas Blackjack is a fun game but my memory really only allows me to keep one set of rules in my head. I deleted MyVegas Blackjack from my iPad so I can get my game skills back to where they belong. I may re-install the game after my friends are in town but I’m not so sure about that. I like real simulation better.

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Semyon Dukach is the CEO of SMTP, Inc., (OTCBB: SMTP) and a former professional blackjack player with the MIT Blackjack Team. He played with Strategic Investments and later was one of the founding members and team leaders on Amphibian Investments whose exploits were chronicled in Ben Mezrich’s Busting Vegas and referred to in Mezrich’s...

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