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Blackjack for dummies
June 6, 2011 – 03:45 pm
How To Play Blackjack For

blackjackBlackjack is another table game which is favoured among casino games. Having said that, statistics show that many people play with great ignorance to what is going on in the actual game, straining their finances in the process. We wanted to compile an easy-to read, user friendly guide to put a stop to the madness.

Blackjack is relatively simple to play, but as any game there are certain subtleties which you need to get a handle of, if you’re going to make a profit out of it or at least break even.
We’re are not going to start with the basics just to cut it short, so we encourage readers to look up online the way to lay the game if they are beginners.

As online Blackjack is played usually against the dealer only, we will look at what you should do from this perspective; when there are other players at the table as in the live version, the odds will change although the basic principles remain the same. The object of Blackjack after all is to beat the dealer, not, as many think, to get as close to 21 as possible, and although you have no control over what others do, your aim is still to beat the dealer.
First things first, don’t bother with the insurance bet, regardless of whether the dealer can ‘peak’ for a blackjack or not. The odds aren’t worth it.

Hard Hands

Hit in all cases except:

  • if you have 12 and the dealer has 4-6, you should stand,
  • if you have 13-16 and the dealer has 6 or less you should also stand,
  • naturally you should stand in all cases with 17 or more,
  • if you have the option to double (otherwise hit), you should do so if:
  • you have 9 and the dealer has 3-6,
  • you have 10 and the dealer has 2-9,
  • you have 11 and the dealer has 2-10,
  • if you have 15 and the dealer has 10, or if you have 16 and the dealer as 9-A, you should surrender if you can (or hit if you can’t).

Soft Hands

With soft hands obviously you will hit in far more cases, since aces can count as low.

  • You should always stand only on soft 19 or more.
  • You should also stand on soft 18 if the dealer has 2, 7 or 8.
  • You should stand on soft 18 if the dealer has 3-6, UNLESS you have the option to double, in which case do it!
  • Everything else you should hit, although if you have the option to double (if not, hit), you should, if the dealer has:
  • 5 or 6 on anything from soft 17 or lower,
  • 4 and you have soft 15, 16 or 17,
  • 3 if you have soft 17.


Always split with pair hands (a pair of 2s, 3s etc), except if you have 9s and the dealer has 7 or 10/Ace, when you should stand.


Interesting facts

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