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Review - Blackjack Assassin, a no-frills universal app for Windows Phone and Windows 8
January 18, 2016 – 11:14 pm
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Blackjack Assassin for Windows PhoneWith that in mind, I recently checked out a paid universal game called Blackjack Assassin from DeadCode Software (the trial is fully featured and ad-supported). With a name like that, you might expect a cool and quirky approach to the traditional game of Jack Black, I mean blackjack. Blackjack Assassin is actually a very straight-laced blackjack simulation, but dedicated fans of the card game might not mind. Head past the break for our full review.

Simple game, simple simulation

At start up, Blackjack Assassin zooms past its title screen and directly into the game of blackjack. No menus to deal with or multiple modes to select from, for better or worse.Blackjack Assassin for Windows Phone Players start with , 000 worth of chips and simply try to win as much as possible by playing against the AI dealer. You can play till the money runs out, or start a new game at any time. Assassin always saves your progress in the current game, so you needn’t start from scratch when resuming the game later on.

The playing field on Windows Phone consists of a clean-looking table whose color can be set to red, blue, or green. Your cards appear near the bottom, with the dealer’s at the top. Along the left side of the screen are the four types of chips with which players can bet.Blackjack Assassin for Windows Phone At the bottom you’ll find your chips total, icons for betting, hitting, and standing, a hint button (which appears as a question mark), and the menu button (ellipsis).

What you won’t see is the actual dealer, or any other character. Despite having a great title and nicely drawn Store icon and title screen, Blackjack Assassin itself just doesn’t have any personality or flair. That’s not a crime for a blackjack game. But when you give the game a creative title and icon/title screen to match, that creates an expectation for some assassin-themed imagery, characters, and maybe even game modes. Even the Win/Lose/Surrender visuals are completely plain and underwhelming (plus they need sound effects).

Options and references

Interesting facts

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