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November 8, 2016 – 04:36 am
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Joker Collection

Yes…. there IS a difference.

I am in the unfortunate position right now where my partner – who, up until a few months ago had absolutely no interest in playing cards, playing card collecting, or Joker collecting – has become absolutely obsessed with the little critters!! When I originally started up this website it was all “Are you sure that’s what you want to do? There are more interesting topics you know!” But I stuck to my guns and went right on ahead. I got out all my old decks, my Joker collection, I bid on decks on eBay, pledged for new decks on Kickstarter, worked my wee socks off, wrote reviews and spread the word about the fascinating world of playing card collecting, and had a blast doing it. Meanwhile, a pair of beady eyes were scrupulously watching my every move…..

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Today, as I sit here updating my site, the post arrives and there is a neat little parcel for my partner. {The latest of MANY I might add.} So I send a text and get the go ahead to “open it if you want”. So I do. Because I’m nosey like that. And there are 3 decks of playing cards – David Blaine’s Green Gatorbacks, Infinity by the Ellusionists and the Spring/Summer Virtuoso deck. Now, while I’m delighted that we can now share this interest, The Other Half’s ultimate goal is totally different to mine. These decks are NOT for opening. Oh, no.vc093-darth-vader-episode-iv-star-wars-action-figure-vintage-collection-wave-12-759-p They’re for keeping in immaculate condition until such time as they are of sufficient value to sell on and make a profit. THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

Allow me to explain… I’ve been collecting playing cards for over 30 years. It started with just Jokers, then went on to the Jack of Spades, and then I would buy decks of cards specifically to get the cool Jokers and Jacks. What I would do is open the deck and put the Jokers and Jack of Spades into their separate binders and keep the deck to the side – because I still wanted to collect the deck. Now…. some collectors might freak out a little at this.Image from Or maybe even a LOT. But that was my way of collecting and I liked it just as it was.

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