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California Blackjack
March 20, 2016 – 10:35 am
And best blackjack games

California BlackjackI just wanted to provide some quick comments on California Blackjack for my card counting students and other blackjack players in CA. I get a lot of questions as to whether the blackjack games dealt in the California Indian Casinos are the same as the blackjack games dealt in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The answer is yes! In the past these casinos charged a “collection fee” of 50 cents up to $1 for every hand you played. Fortunately that’s no longer the case. As long as the game is being dealt on a tribal reservation, the blackjack will be just like it is in Las Vegas.

Keep in mind that there are areas in California that have “card houses” that are not located on tribal reservations. These card houses do not deal traditional blackjack, so my advice is to stay away from them. Commerce Casino and Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles are examples of places where you don’t want to play.

California Blackjack

Blackjack TrainerI’ve taken some time to review the majority of the casinos in California to help you determine where to play blackjack. I’ve covered the number of decks used in each casino, the specific table rules and odds, and the table betting limits.

I’ve listed the legitimate CA blackjack games here:
Northern California Blackjack | Southern California Blackjack.

Best Blackjack in California

A special thanks to Barona in San Diego for offering single deck blackjack with surrender, doubling any two cards, doubling after splitting, and full 3:2 payment on blackjacks. As far as rules go, this is not only the very best blackjack game in all of California, but in the entire country! If you know the proper basic strategy, the house has almost no advantage over you at all. Throw in some weak card counting and minor play deviations and you’re instantly playing with a significant edge.

For those of you that really know blackjack, go get ’em! For those of you looking to improve your game and get an edge over the house,

Interesting facts

A natural is a term in several gambling games; in each case it refers to one or two specific good outcomes, usually for the player, often involves achieving a particular score in the shortest and fastest manner possible.
At blackjack, the best possible hand for the player is to reach a score of 21 with exactly two cards, which necessarily...

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How do you become a blackjack dealer?

Requirements for becoming a blackjack dealer can vary from one casino to another. Generally, most casinos will require their blackjack dealers to have attended casino school. Some casinos even have their own dealer schools.

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