How to make a Blackjack table?

How to Make a Blackjack Table
November 25, 2016 – 05:46 am
How to Make a Blackjack Table

How to Make a Blackjack TableA blackjack table makes a great addition to your home game room, especially if you're in the habit of hosting parties with up to six guests. Commercially produced gaming tables can be expensive, but you can build your own blackjack table at home with just a little work and some supplies.

Build the Stand

Start building your blackjack table by building a rectangular stand to hold the top. Use plywood planks to build a rectangle about 4 feet long and 3 feet wide. Join each corner with at least two heavy-duty nails. Attach 3-foot planks to each corner, creating a table-leg effect. Use 4-foot planks to join the legs along the long axis of the frame.

Do not connect the legs horizontally along the short axis; this will block the well where the dealer stands. Cover the three rectangles with 0.5-inch plywood sheets. Stand the assembly on its long axis, and nail furniture pads to the bottom. Spray the assembly black, and set it aside to dry.

Cut the Top

Lay out a rectangular, 1-inch-thick MDF panel that's at least 7 feet long and 4 feet wide. Measure to the central point of the long axis, and mark the appropriate point on the edge. Tape a 3-foot length of string to that point, with a black felt marker tied to the far end, and sweep out a 180-degree arc. Remove the string, and cut along the curved line with a handheld jigsaw. Sand the edges. Cut a short section out of the straight edge to create a well for the dealer to stand in.

Lay the Felt

Thoroughly clean the surface of the panel with a lint-free cloth. Cover the surface with strong epoxy. Ask a friend to stand on the far side of the table top, holding two corners of a large felt panel while you do the same. Keeping tension on the felt, lower the fabric onto the table. Make first contact as close to the center as possible, and gently spread out the felt, using a credit card to smooth out wrinkles as you work.

It is crucial to lay the felt flush with the top; do not allow the slightest wrinkle or air bubble. Every point on the table surface must be glued to the bottom of the felt, or it will eventually bubble and tear.

Interesting facts

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Awada moved from Lebanon to the United States in his early teenage years, working as a juggler, eventually touring with the Harlem Globetrotters. After a car accident, he began working as a casino dealer and eventually...

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