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As baccarat grows in popularity, so does the cheating
May 22, 2016 – 11:52 pm
Cheaters can get in a lot of

Bill ZenderIn a darkened conference room at the Tuscany, a group of casino surveillance managers lean forward in their chairs for a closer look at video footage of a man strapping a metal device to his left wrist and concealing it in his jacket sleeve. Caught red-handed by the casino, he is now demonstrating his crime to police.

“Now, watch this, ” says Bill Zender, a security consultant who teaches casinos how to spot gambling cheats.

The man in the video takes the two cards he is dealt in a baccarat game and holds them up to the camera with his left hand, lowers his hand for a second, then holds up both cards again. One is a new, more favorable card that he has slipped out of its hiding place in the metal device as the less favorable card took its place.

The man glances nervously about the nondescript room, far from the glitz and glitter of the casino floor. Caught by a Cambodian casino, he is being asked to demonstrate his crime for the benefit of police. Behind him, a soldier in uniform holds a machine gun — foreshadowing the man’s uncertain future in a less forgiving culture for criminals.

Another part of the film shows the man’s stash spread atop his hotel bed: card-switching equipment, cards from multiple casinos and designer watches to bribe casino managers and other employees.

Although this might sound like an exotic crime in a far-off place, Zender — a former Nevada casino regulator and manager — warns that it is being imported here. This is his first seminar devoted to baccarat, the only Nevada game that is growing despite the recession. Asians, who have not been as hard-hit by the economic downturn, are flocking to baccarat to test their luck.

Many baccarat players are Asian gamblers from outside the United States and Chinese-born Americans who come to Nevada for bigger gambling action, Zender says.

With baccarat’s growth has come a spike in theft, especially in California, where card rooms recently introduced a version of baccarat that is more popular with players. Those games are nearly identical to games offered in Nevada and elsewhere around the world. The new games are a shorter drive for Californians and in many cases can be played for less money.

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