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What Are My Upper Deck Sports Cards Worth?
May 11, 2022 – 12:09 pm
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Once you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the key cards to look for, set aside an afternoon or a couple evenings where you can really dive into your collection. If you have thousands of cards, you are not going to want to price them all out, you just want to look for some of the better cards and get a feel for what you have. Get your cards in an area where you can spread them out and go through them where they will not be disturbed in the event you need to take a break. Maybe have some family members or friends help as well, you’ll find it can be a lot of fun going through them together. Quickly scan through them for some of the bigger names you know and especially cards you remember being valuable. You may have placed those in cases or sleeves to protect them.

As you start to separate them, pay attention to the condition of the cards. It is important to realize that cards with rough edges, centering issues, creases or fuzzy corners will all be valued less than their mint condition counterparts. Try to categorize them in terms of condition while you go through them. Also keep on the lookout for rookie cards, autograph cards or other special looking cards. Those tend to carry premium values to them.

Probably the best way to see what single cards are worth is to go where most single cards are sold; eBay. Once you have signed up for a membership, you will be able to view completed auctions to see what similar cards to what you have sold for. That will give you a very accurate feel for what specific cards are currently selling for today.

Another great option is to visit your local card shop. Many will specialize in appraising trading card collections so don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask about appraisals and how much they charge for those services. You can also do this at trading cards shows coming through your area, but there are not as many as there used to be.

You may find you have a situation where some of the cards you have are so limited and rare that you just cannot find pricing information on them. While Upper Deck cannot provide pricing details on what cards currently sell for, you can ask our community of savvy collectors by posting images and details of your collection to the Upper Deck Facebook page. You may even find some fans who are interested in purchasing them from you there.

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