Blackjack fireworks Vancouver WA

December 22, 2017 – 09:13 am
The BIG yellow building is
OH MY GOD THAT GUMSHOE IS A DEMON FOR SOME REASONBut only just.I truly enjoyed this Konami game on my Super NintendoNothing says "Hollywood Trip" like Barbara Streisand's head floating next to a faceless man and Krusty the ChaplinI enjoyed Dancer in the Dark but this new work left me a little underwhelmed. (LARS VON TRIER JOKE)Or the eyes of everyone else around you, since it's, you know, a firework.DO NOTThen stay the hell away from my surge suppressor, god dammitSweet Corel Draw Clip Art Starter Sampler: Vol. 1Warning: emits showers of musty locker-room smells and features strained-laughter reportMake that happen, and I might actually go to the zoo.I'm going to be honest, I don't think I want my tax dollars funding this "elite team" anymore.Much more impressive than the Passive-Aggressive OregonianI get this one for free after I eat fettucini alfredo. (I apologize.)OK. Be honest. What did you think this was? (True answer: "Amazing Planet")

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I've told you before about The Gauntlet: the long, treacherous stretch of Vancouver, Washington road that leads to two competing fireworks stands: Blackjack and TNT. Armed to the teeth with minimally-paid teenagers, and with an ever-escalating arms race of inflatable bouncy castles and discounted diet soda, The Gauntlet will not stop — nay, will not take so much as a single restful breath — until you make The True Choice on where to spend your fireworks money.
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Jeremy Greenway is a singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist from London, Ontario, Canada.
Greenway has performed with area bands since his early teens and has written songs in various genres for other artists. His self-titled debut album was released in 2002 on his own Blackjack label; single Forever...For Now gained airplay in...

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