What Are Good card Games?

12 best Android card games
April 21, 2018 – 09:21 am

AI Factory Limited best Android card games[Price: Varies]
AI Factory Limited is a developer on the Google Play Store who has released a ton of card and board games on Android. These include standalone versions of Gin Rummy, Euchre, Hearts, Spades, and Solitaire. There are also some non card games like Chess, Checkers, and Sudoku. Pretty much all of them are pretty good and most of them were updated in the last year so the developers are still working hard on these. If you click the button, we’ll take you to the AI Factory Limited page on Google Play so you can see their entire collection.

ascension best android card games[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Ascension is a fantasy card game where you must build a deck and battle against other players. There are 50 cards in total but those cards can do a vast number of things. It’s also worth mentioning that an expansion called Realms Unraveled was released very recently which adds to the total number of cards. There is online multiplayer support that is also cross platform so you can face foes on Android or iOS and you can play against AI opponents as well. It’s a good looking card game that has only gotten better in recent updates.

cardshark best android card games[Price: .99]
CardShark is one of the best regular card game apps available. It includes a huge number of games including Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Rummy, various forms of Poker, and even some more obscure games like Crazy Eights, Egyptian Rat Screw, and more. There are literally dozens of games and they’re presented on a simple interface. There are even different card deck styles so you can customize it to your likes. It hasn’t been updated in a while and that’s a shame, but for now this is the best if you want a lot of games in a single app.

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Deck Heroes is a fantasy card game with hundreds of cards you can get. The game play is of a similar style of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone so those familiar with those kinds of rules should be able to pick this up pretty quickly. There is online multiplayer mode along with a campaign mode for offline play, and plenty of other things to do. It’s a solid card game with a little depth to it for those that want depth.

deck heroes best Android card games best Android card games star realms best android card games world series of poker best android card games
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