How to beat dealer in Blackjack?

Live Dealer Electronic Blackjack – Should You Play?
January 5, 2016 – 08:01 pm
Blackjack to beat three of the

Electronic BlackjackThe really smart gamblers know this, of course, and avoid slot machines like the plague. They play table games like craps and blackjack. The casino is happy to provide those games because most people lose at them, but they would really like it if table games players found their way to the slot machines—especially those players that know how to beat a game like blackjack by counting cards and using proper strategy. It took them some time, but the gaming companies finally figured out they could translate some table games to a slot machine platform. That’s when video poker and blackjack made their appearance. Some casinos, like the one at, Arkansas, even offer an electronic horseracing game.

When smart players still didn’t take the bait, the casino figured out that many of them play table games because they like the interaction with the dealers. They like being able to make decisions. It makes them feel like they are in control. Enter the live dealer electronic blackjack games. These machines, which are just slot machines in disguise, have become pretty popular.

The Live Dealer in Electronic Blackjack

Have you noticed that most of the live dealers in electronic blackjack games are women? Have you also noticed that most of them are scantily dressed? Gone is the overweight, balding male who smirks at you when you lose. The live dealers in electronic blackjack are pure eye candy. They can even make you enjoy losing!

And, truthfully, most of these “live” dealers aren’t really live at all. The machine uses prerecorded video to simulate the “live” dealer. Play long enough at an electronic blackjack game and you will notice the responses of the dealer seem to repeat in an endless loop. Now, , but this is just an optical illusion to make players think everything is on the square.

Interesting facts

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