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December 2, 2021 – 11:30 am
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Jackpot on slot machineWe know celebrities like to let their hair down at the casino. Harry Styles enjoys a game of roulette, Bruce Willis likes craps and Pamela Anderson enjoys playing the slot machine branded in her honour.

What about the celebs that don’t actually get caught at the casino? What game does Beyonce play when she’s getting ready to perform? How does Miley relax in between shows on her Bangerz tour? Will Lemmy ever get that ace of spades – and why does he want it so badly?

We’re swiping right to pick the perfect celebrity match for all our favourite casino games. It’s casino Tinder – celebrity edition: let’s play!

#1. Blackjack – Jack Black and Jack White

The clue is in the name. We don’t know of any celebrities called ‘roulette’, so we’re putting forward a pair of Jacks as our winning blackjack hand. Californian comic actor, Jack Black, 45, has even got his own blackjack-themed tongue-twister meme: ‘Black Jack Black playing a black jack while playing blackjack with Jack Black’.

As for Jack White: he co-wrote the theme to the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. In the video, he looks like he’s just stumbled out of a casino in the early hours of the morning.

#2. Roulette – Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton

Like a sexy wrecking roulette ball, Miley Cyrus would definitely smash it at the roulette table. The long-tongued teen star has put her Hannah Montana days behind her and now only occasionally wears clothes.

This makes her a sure-fire hit at the roulette table and the perfect partner for Paris Hilton, who famously likes to spend her time surfing Chatroulette. That is, when she’s not making NSFW home movies and pretending to DJ.

#3. Video Poker – Lemmy and Lady Gaga

Long-haired speed freak and rock god Lemmy is famed for necking bottles of whisky and shouting ‘the ace of spades’ at the top of his voice. Clearly, Lemmy loves a game of video poker at the casino and often finds himself a black ace short of a great hand.

Meanwhile… at the other end of the musical spectrum is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga. With a song called Poker Face, there’s only one game for this modern day pop icon

#4. Craps – Chris Tucker and Sharon Stone

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first: Sharon Stone is famous for two film roles. In one, she goes commando (Basic Instinct). In the other, she goes nuts. In Martin Scorsese’s Casino, Sharon Stone’s character Ginger is a professional Las Vegas hustler who makes a living working the craps table.

In Rush Hour, Chris Tucker shows his skills at the craps table before taking out the bad guys with Jackie Chan. Clearly both Stone and Tucker know what they are doing when it comes to craps.

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